If you win, you can perform at the German outdoor festival!

  • Winner in Japan ➡ Gig at the world finals at the Taubatar outdoor festival in Rothenburg, Germany!
  • Travel expenses, festival appearance fees, and accommodation fees will be covered by Emergenza!



Prizes (one of the JAPAN FINAL performers will win)

Studio Chapter H[aus]Prize(give to the winner)

2-day recording bonus (accommodation included, recording by engineer Harunobu Kashimura)

SMART USEN Prize(give to the winner)

SMART USEN EMERGENZA channel ➡Program appearance/interview

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Award

Performing at the German Festival Outdoor Live at Tokyo Metropolitan Aoyama Park in Autumn 2024

Best Singer Award/Best Player Award

Selected by a special jury

Special Jury Award

The artist with the highest total of special jury votes other than the winner will be selected.

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EMERGENZA JAPAN 2024 Performer entry

Entries for the 2024 tournament are now closed!
We are looking forward to your entries for the 2025 season!


Taubertal Festival


Qualifying (tournament format)

Tokyo: 14 times in total
Osaka  6 times in total
Osaka (SSW) 4 times in total
Nagoya 3 times scheduled

Semi Final (tournament format)

Tokyo: 6 times in total (2024/03/30 (Sat), 04/20 (Sat), 21 (Sun), 05/18 (Sat), 19 (Sun), 25 (Sat) at Shibuya eggman)
Osaka All 4 times (2024/05/3,4,5,6 at Abeno ROCKTOWN)

Area Final

Nagoya Final (at RAD HALL) 2024/6/23 (Sun)
Osaka Final (at Misono Universe)2024/6/30 (Sunday)

Japan Final

Japan Final (at Yokohama 1000CLUB) 7/13 (Sat)

World Final

Germany Taubertal Festival 2024/08/09~11

How to enter

Sign up

Click https://emergenza.live and fill in all the required information *Mobile phone number and email address are required.

Contact from EMERGENZA office

An email will be sent to the address you registered from Emergenza Japan (please set your settings so that you can receive japan@emergenza.live. If you do not receive it, please check your spam folder)


In-person or online, we will explain Emergenza Festival and decide the date for the gig (an entry fee will be charged once the live date is decided).

The day of the performance

As a general rule, rehearsals are 20 minutes including transitions, and live performances are 30 minutes including transitions.
After all artists have finished performing, the top performer based on the total number of raised hands and online votes will win.

What is Emergenza?

The world’s largest live competition

・Won the Japan tournament
➡Gig at an outdoor festival in Germany with Emergenza paying for travel expenses, accommodation expenses, festival performance fees, etc.

・Live performances at famous halls such as Yokohama 1000 CLUB, Misono Universe, Shibuya eggman, Osaka Abeno ROCKTOWN

・TRAinnovation will be the best in the world in 2023, performing in front of over 10,000 people

・Winning artists make major debuts one after another!


Concert Schedule



Emergenza is a music festival where if you win, you can perform at the German outdoor festival. This is a live music contest and audition for indie artists where you can compete in a wide variety of genres such as music, rock, pops, DJ, hard rock, reggae, ska, Japanese instruments, popular songs, etc. The biggest feature of Emergenza is that the judges are the audience, and it is a tournament format in which winners are won by a show of hands at the venue and by online voting. A professional judge will be present only in the final round. Bands, units, singer-songwriters, etc. can perform in any format. Age, experience, professional/amateur status, gender, nationality, etc. are not a concern (*The only condition is that this is an event for independent artists and that there is no exclusive performer contract with a major label valid at the time the performance is decided) (There is no problem with signing an exclusive performer contract with an indie label or belonging to an agency or production company.) We are looking forward to the challenge of artists and bands who want to compete on the world stage.