Winner/Prize Benefits

Winner’s Prize: Appearance at WORLD FINAL in Germany (travel expenses, performance fees, etc. will be covered by Emergenza)

Won the World Finals in Germany ➡ Recorded at Europe’s famous STUDIO, etc.

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Award – Appeared at the German Festival hosted by the Embassy

Studio Chapter H[aus] Award – 2 days of recording (with engineer)

SMART USEN Emergent Channel (WEB RADIO) – Appearance/Winner Interview

Best Singer Award, Best Player Award, Special Jury Award, etc.

*Prize details are subject to change.

Who can play Emergenza?

Emergenza is open to both professionals and amateurs.

The only condition for participation is that you are an independent artist at the time of application (*You must not have an exclusive performer contract with a major label that is valid at the time of the performance decision. There is no problem with having an exclusive performer contract with an indie label or belonging to an agency or production company. .)

There are no restrictions on age, nationality, gender, music genre, number of participants, etc.

Anyone can participate, from those who have just started their activities to those who have been active for many years.

*If you are affiliated with somewhere, please check with your affiliation/label to see if there is any problem with participating.

*You cannot participate with just a cover/copy song. At least one original song is required.

*You are free to play cover/copy songs, but please refrain from playing cover/copy songs only in karaoke without musical instruments.

Who is JURY?

(Tokyo) Preliminaries and semi-finals are the total of the audience vote at the venue + online vote (MUDIA).

Preliminaries: In principle, the number of winners will be the top majority, Semi-finals: 1st place on each live date, and wild cards (artists with the most points in all semi-finals). The number of winners may change.

(Osaka) Preliminary rounds and semi-finals will be determined by a show of hands from the audience at the venue.
The number of wins changes each time.

(Osaka finals) One band and one SSW with the highest score based on the audience’s show of hands and judges’ votes will be the winner.

(Japan Finals) 1st Judging: Among the top majority with the most audience votes (show of hands + online votes (MUDIA)) ⇒ 2nd Judging: The highest number of guest judge votes ⇒ Winner (advance to Germany International Final). (*For Osaka artists, the raised hand vote from the Osaka final will be carried over to the Japan final)

(International finals held in Germany) There will be no audience show-of-hand voting, only guest international jury votes will be judged.

*Please note that the above is subject to change.

Is there a cost to participate?

An entry fee of 15,000 yen is required to be paid only once.

After that, even if you win, there will be no additional costs.

You will represent Japan and Emergenza will cover your travel expenses to the World Championship venue in Germany, local transportation expenses, vouchers for the festival venue, and breakfast at your accommodation.

*Please prepare your passport, overseas travel insurance, etc. by yourself.

What kind of artists have performed in the past?

Nico&Vinz (4th place in the US), goodmoon (TarO&JirO), Daiki Tsuneta (Didi’s asiangroundjam, King Gnu), Faints, SNARECOVER,, TAKUYA (formerly JUDY AND MARY), Amelie, ninja beats (performed in front of the German president) ulma sound junction, TRAinnovation, Novelbright and many other artists have performed in the past and are still active today.

The video was directed by Kensuke Kawamura (PV director for Southern All Stars, Namie Amuro, etc.), the late Masahide Sakuma (producer for GLAY, JUDY AND MARY, etc.) and Ryo Ito (Shuji) for the video distribution mix and winning artist production. We also received cooperation from producers and composers such as Akira and Akira.

venue (including venues held in the past)


Yokohama 1000club, Shibuya eggman, Shibuya O-EAST, Shibuya O-WEST, Harajuku ASTRO HALL, Shinjuku LiveFreak, Shibuya aube, Shibuya Otsu, Shibuya TakeOff7, Shimokitazawa ERA, Shinjuku NineSpices, Shinjuku JAM, Shinjuku HEADPOWER, Shinjuku OREBAKO, Inage K’ sDream, Kannai BayJungle, Yokohama BAYSIS, Kichijoji WARP, TOKYO FM HALL Koshigaya easygoing, Yoyogi Barbara, etc.


Sennichimae Universe, Abeno ROCKTOWN, Minamihorie knave, Shinsaibashi SUNHALL, Shinsaibashi AtlantiQs, Osaka Fukushima 2nd LINE, Suikao, Utaugyo, Shinshinba, Shinsaibashi Foot Rock&BEERS, Kitahorie club vijon, Teradacho Fireloop, Shinsaibashi FANJ


Live House CB, graf

(in no particular order)

Who are the previous Japanese champions?

2008 The Novelestilo Germany competition 4th place Best Singer Award
2009 Guruguru Germany Tournament 6th place
2010 Hanato Chiruran Germany Tournament Winner
2011 S.H.E Germany Tournament 4th place Best Bassist Award
2012 Avaivartika Germany Tournament 4th place Best Bassist Award
2013 Goodmoon (TarO&JirO) Germany Tournament 6th place Best Guitarist Award
2014 The Asphere’s Germany Tournament 14th place
2015 ninja beats Germany tournament winner
2016 Schizoidman (winner in Osaka tournament) 7th place in Germany tournament, 2016 SweetSleep (winner in Tokyo tournament) 21st place in Germany tournament
2017 SNARE COVER Germany competition 4th place Best Singer Award
2018 than Germany 7th place
2019 ulma sound junction Germany competition 3rd place Best Guitarist Award
2022 Panorama and Laboratory Germany 2nd place tie
2023 TRAinnovation Germany Tournament Winner