To the audience

Let’s go to the venue to see Emergenza Live Festival!

  • Now that you’re in Japan, let’s enjoy Japanese live music!
  • The artist wins with a show of hands from the audience. A chance to meet future stars!
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emergenza osaka final


Confirmed concert schedule

Click on the banner above to see the gig date and time, artist name, and venue name.

Planned concert schedule

  • Tokyo/Osaka Preliminaries January-April 2024 (Will be posted once decided)
  • Tokyo/Osaka SemiFinal April to May 2024 (Saturday, Sunday, or holiday)
  • Osaka Final June 30, 2024 (Sunday, scheduled)
  • JAPAN FINAL July 13, 2024 (Saturday, scheduled)
  • WORLD FINAL August 8-11, 2024


Where can I buy advance tickets for the concert at the venue?

Advance tickets are
・Purchase directly from performing artists
・You can purchase from eplus (ticket purchase site).
・You can also purchase at EMERGENZA office (2-12-8 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku).

Where can I buy a door tickets to watch a live performance at the venue?

Door tickets
・You can buy it at the reception desk of each venue.

What is the drink fee?

In addition to advance tickets/door tickets, you will need to pay 600 to 700 yen for drinks at the venue reception.

How old do I have to be to get a ticket to watch a live performance at the venue?

Tickets are required for elementary school students and older.

Where can I buy tickets for online voting?

From the dedicated MUDIA (cooperation) website,
Purchase voting ticket (GOLD)➡
Please watch and vote between the start and end of the gig.
~How to vote online~

How do I vote for artists?

If you are at a venue, raise your hand after each live performance. If online, each person can vote once from the MUDIA dedicated website.

  • *1. Advance tickets for watching live performances at some venues are not sold online (e-plus, etc.).
  • In that case, please purchase advance paper tickets from each artist or door tickets at the venue.
  • *2. Some venues will have online voting using MUDIA and others will not.
  • (For the Osaka tournament, voting will only be by show of hands at the venue (live house) until the Osaka final)
  • *3. Refunds and cancellations are not possible after purchasing online tickets.
  • *4.As this is a live performance, the scheduled time may change due to unexpected troubles or delays.

Request regarding prevention of spread of infectious diseases, etc.

  • Please take precautions such as washing and disinfecting your hands frequently.
  • Wearing a mask inside the venue is optional.
  • If there are rules set by the venue, please follow them. Please refrain from entering if you have a fever or are not feeling well.

Regarding tickets

  • Only paper tickets with their stubs intact will be allowed to enter. In principle, re-entry is possible (re-entry may not be possible depending on the venue).Please do not lose your ticket stub until the end of the concert.
  • Performers may change due to artist circumstances. Please note that there will be no refunds of ticket fees due to changes or cancellations of performers, or changes in performance date and time or stage.
  • We will not reissue damaged or lost paper tickets.
  • Cancellations of online tickets for viewing the venue (e-plus, etc.) that have already been purchased are non-refundable.
  • If the number of customers exceeds the capacity of the venue and it is deemed dangerous, we may change the venue.
  • All customer information received when applying for online admission tickets (eplus) for viewing the venue will belong to the organizer.
  • If your name cannot be found on the reservation list at the venue reception and you enter with door tickets, we will not refund the difference in price.
  • Online admission tickets (eplus) for watching the venue cannot be changed to online voting tickets using MUDIA. Please note that there are no refunds.
  • If the event is canceled due to unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters such as earthquakes, heavy snow, typhoons, and heavy rain, or the issuance of a state of emergency due to a virus, we will not refund tickets or compensate for transportation expenses to the venue (including cancellation fees). not.

Rules to follow regarding live viewing

  • The organizer will not be held responsible for any accidents, incidents, theft, injuries, injuries, etc. that occur inside or outside the venue, unless they are the responsibility of the organizer. Any disputes between customers will be resolved between the parties involved. The organizer will not be involved in any discussions or problem solving.
  • Parents, please keep an eye on your children and be careful not to disturb other customers. If the above-mentioned accidents occur, we ask that parents/guardians take responsibility for dealing with them.
  • Artists are subject to copyright and portrait rights when taking photos and videos within the venue and posting them on SNS, etc., so please be sure to check with each artist in advance.
  • It is strictly prohibited to bring alcoholic beverages, plastic bottles, bottles, cans, other dangerous objects, items prohibited by law, drugs, or animals (excluding service dogs) into the venue or onto the stage.
  • Anyone inside or outside the venue who behaves in a way that disturbs other customers, is intoxicated, or does not follow the instructions of staff will be forced to leave. In that case, there will be no refunds for tickets.
  • Diving and moshing are prohibited. The organizer, venue, and artists will not be held responsible for any accidents, incidents, or injuries that may occur as a result of activities such as diving or moshing.
  • If you feel even slightly unwell while watching a game inside the venue, please take good care of yourself by taking a break or leaving the venue immediately.
  • It is prohibited for organized crime groups, members and related parties of other anti-social organizations, and intoxicated persons to enter the venue.
  • There are public parking lots around the venue, but the number is limited. Please use public transportation. We also strictly prohibit those driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Please do not park illegally or engage in acts that cause a nuisance to nearby residents.
  • We do not sell any alcoholic beverages to minors. You may be asked to show identification.
  • Please be sure to use the smoking area when smoking.
  • Please refrain from doing anything that could be considered defamatory, such as speaking ill of or criticizing the artists, bands, or fans appearing in the show, or posting negative comments on SNS.