【Looking for performers for live performances】


If you win, you can perform at a large outdoor festival in Germany!
Emergenza Fesitival Japan 2024!

We have started recruiting concert performers for 2024!

The deadline will be closed as soon as the performance slots are filled, so please enter first ↓↓

The Emergent Japan final will be held at Yokohama 1000 CLUB, a concert hall with a capacity of over 1000 people, and the Osaka final will be held at Misono Universe. We are also considering holding the event in Nagoya!

The Tokyo semi-final will be held at Shibuya Eggman, and the Osaka semi-final will be held at Abeno ROCKTOWN, a famous venue!

Japan’s representative artists are making major debuts one after another and are active all over the world!

All you need is an entry fee! Would you like to take on the challenge of expanding into the world?
We look forward to receiving your entries!



Q.Are there any other costs other than the entry fee for appearing in EMERGENZA?
A.There are no costs to be borne by the performing artists other than the initial entry fee. If you win, Emergenza will also cover your travel expenses to Germany and beer costs.

Q.Is there a quota for ticket sales?
A.There is no

Q.How can I win?
A.Winners in the preliminary rounds and semi-finals will be determined by the number of votes and hands raised by customers. It will be important to perform better and have more fans come.

Q.Is it possible to vote online by show of hands?
A.Voting by show of hands at the venue and online voting are possible. However, please note that online voting may not be possible depending on the venue, such as Osaka.

Q.What benefits/prizes are available?
A.The winner will perform at a large outdoor festival in Germany. Performed at a German festival at Aoyama Park with the German Embassy Award. Includes recordings by famous engineers and many other benefits.

Q.Do I need to go to the office for a meeting with the organizer?
A.This will be an online meeting or a meeting at the office.

Q.What is the biggest appeal of Emergenza Festival?
A.The biggest attraction is performing at a large outdoor festival in Germany and being able to stand on the same stage as famous artists from around the world and winning artists from each country.
While spending fun days in Germany with artists from other countries and Emergenza staff, you will get to know scouts and promoters from around the world, and your dreams will expand to make your world debut or re-import debut.




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