Sunday, June 30th“Emergenza Japan 2024 Osaka FINAL” will be held at Misono Universe! Support talented musicians on the world stage!


The winners ( band & singer-songwriter) will be able to advance to the Japan Final, which will decide who will perform at Germany’s outdoor festival Taubatar Festival.


[Overview (Osaka)]

  • Emergenza Japan 2024 Osaka FINAL
  • Sunday, June 30, 2024 OPEN 16:00 START 16:20
  • Venue: Misono Universe (Misono Universe Building B1, 2-3-9 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka)
  • Tickets: ADV 3,000 yen/DOOR 4,000 yen (can be purchased at the venue) + drink fee
  • Advance tickets can be purchased from each artist or from e-plus (online ticket shop)
  • Online ticket shop

【Performing artists】

  • SSW(Singer song writer):大森健太、畑歩、石坪日菜
  • BAND:the Nej、革命メロイック、AMANOJAKU、chiiii、ハヤシライフ、Friday The 13th、Calm place、the Sequel of…、Mini M!kke
  • MC:一山楓、新世界ホシヲ

【Purpose of the event】

 This event is one of the few music festivals in Japan that is connected to festivals overseas.The world’s music streams are transcending national borders and existing frameworks.We aim to directly introduce outstanding Japanese artists to the world.We want to send talented artists directly to the world from Osaka! Emergenza Japan is hosting this event.TRAinnovation, the Japanese representative for the 2023 competition, won the international final and earned the title of the world’s best independent artist.


Win in a tournament format. This is a live battle between the artists who won from the semi-finals.At the Osaka FINAL, the winner will be SSW: 1st place out of 3 performers and BAND: 1st place out of 9 performers.The winner will be determined by adding up the number of customers’ raised hands and the judges’ votes.Then, as Osaka’s representative artist, he will take on the challenge of the JAPAN FINAL, which will be held at Yokohama 1000 CLUB on Saturday, July 13, 2024, with the same skills as the Osaka final.

The one group that survives the JAPAN FINAL will be the winner. The winner will be able to play a gig at the German international finals of the German outdoor festival “Taubertal Festival”, which will be held in August 2024.


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